Spectrum Lighting

Spectrum Lighting | Brightening Your World

This is a short introduction to the subject:

The spectrum lighting makes you feel more comfortable and natural. In this article, we will explain what it is, how and why it’s so popular.

What is Spectrum Lighting ?

It’s full of color and makes everything look right.

Spectrum lighting: Good for you

  1. Spectrum lighting can make you feel happy: it’s like being in the sun.
  2. Increases productivity : Spectrum lighting makes you more productive – The spectrum light helps you work more efficiently by preventing you from getting tired.
  3. Displays colors correctly This tool is great for displaying colours as they are.
  4. Energy Savings: Spectrum Lighting is an effective way to save electricity costs.
Spectrum Lighting

Where can Spectrum Lighting be used?

Spectrum lighting is useful in many different places.

Do it at Home

Spectrum lights are used to create a warm atmosphere in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and other parts of the house.


Spectrum Lighting is bright and keeps you awake.

The Doctor’s Office

Doctors use spectrum lighting to improve their vision and to make patients feel more comfortable.

In Stores

This is used to make products more attractive so you’ll want to buy them.


Artists use spectrum lighting to create beautiful paintings and artwork.


Spectrum lights can be used to help plants grow when they lack sunlight.


Why spectrum lighting is good for the Earth

Spectrum lighting is energy efficient and does not require constant replacement of bulbs.

some Spectrum Lighting Product Catalog

Spectrum is a true lighting manufacturer. It produces the major components for lighting fixtures it sells. This allows Spectrum to control design, inventory and quality. Spectrum can quickly and economically design custom fixtures and retrofits.

Spectrum Lighting is vertically integrated, producing all major fixtures components. The factory has 24 metal spinning lathes and 40 presses. It also has an automatic polishing machine, a CNC machine/toolroom, CNC metal fabrication press, as well as a finishing department. This equipment, combined with our skilled staff, allows us to design and manufacture all of our components, housings and reflectors. We are proud to say that we’re among the few lighting manufacturers who can produce all their products “in-house”.

Cylinder Pendant Lights – 2″ LED 

Spectrum Lighting

ApplicationsDecorative lighting
CharacteristicsLED technology, choice of color and finishes, 500 – 5500 lumen
Sizes2 inch
CertificationENERGY STAR® Certified
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In conclusion

Spectrum lighting is not just about the light. It’s also about saving energy, feeling good and working better. We’ll learn even more about how to use it as we continue to explore it.



1.Can spectrum lighting make me feel happy?

 Yes. It’s similar to being in the sun.

2.Can spectrum lighting be used everywhere?

 It depends on the location.

3.Can spectrum lighting save energy?

 It can, especially if you use special bulbs.

4.Does spectrum lighting encourage plants to grow indoors?

 Yes. Plants like spectrum lighting when they cannot be outdoors.

5.What is the benefit of spectrum lighting for artists? 

It helps artists by displaying colors accurately.

6.What is the benefit of spectrum lighting in offices?

 It brightens up offices so that people can work more efficiently and without getting tired.

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