How to Unlock a Deadbolt Without a Key/ 5 Effective Methods


Is your house locked because you misplaced your key? Do not worry; There are several methods you can use to unlock a deadbolt without a key. While calling a locksmith is always an option, you might want to try these DIY methods first. There are a few practical ways to help you return home that will be discussed in the following sentences.

Bump Key Technique

It is widely known that the bump key technique is one of the most popular methods locksmiths use for unlocking a deadbolt without a key. A bump key is a specially cut key that, when inserted into the lock and tapped gently, can simulate the action of a real key. Although this approach has great potential, mastering it might require some work.

Step 1: Obtain a bump key or make one by filing down a blank key to fit the lock’s keyway.
Step 2: Put the bump key into the lock-in.
Step 3: Turn the key slowly while applying gentle pressure and tapping it with a hammer or similar object. By doing so, the deadbolt should be unlocked, and the pins inside the lock should line up.

Lock Picking

Although it takes time and practice to master, lock picking can effectively unlock a deadbolt without a key. A set of lock picks, tension wrenches, and an understanding of how locks operate are required.

Step 1: Insert the wrench into the keyway’s bottom to measure the tension and apply light pressure.
Step 2: You may turn the deadbolt by carefully moving the pins inside the lock until they meet properly when you insert the lock pick above the tension wrench.

Credit Card Technique

This method is best suited for spring bolt deadbolts rather than traditional ones, but it can sometimes work.

Step 1: Choose a flexible plastic card, such as a credit card or a laminated ID card.
Step 2: Insert the card between the door and the frame above the latch.
Step 3: Wiggle and push the card downwards while simultaneously pushing or jiggling the door. If the latch isn’t too tight, this may retract it and unlock the door.

Screwdriver and Pliers

To perform this method, you must remove the deadbolt from your door using tools such as a screwdriver and pliers.

Step 1: Remove the screws from the deadbolt plate on the door’s interior side.
Step 2: Once the plate is removed, you should have access to the deadbolt mechanism.
Step 3: Use pliers or your fingers to turn the deadbolt and unlock the door.


Call a Professional

Calling a professional locksmith is always a good idea if you’re uncomfortable trying DIY methods or if they don’t work. They have the experience and equipment to open your deadbolt without harming your door.


Is it legal to unlock a deadbolt without a key on my property?

Yes, it’s generally legal to unlock a deadbolt on your property. However, being informed about moral problems and local laws and regulations is important. Always use these techniques responsibly and only on your property or with proper authorization.

Can I use a bump key on any deadbolt?

Pin tumbler locks, frequently found in residential deadbolts, are the types on which bump keys work best.
However, the quality of the lock and the user’s proficiency with the bump key have a role in how effective they are.

Is studying lock-picking challenging?

Lock-picking needs persistence and practice. Although mastery can take time, those interested in learning have access to a wealth of Internet resources and courses.

Can I damage my lock or door while attempting these methods?

Yes, there is a risk of damaging your lock or door if these methods are not executed correctly. It’s best to start with the least invasive technique and seek professional help if unsure.

How can I keep from being locked out of my house again?

Think about creating extra keys and giving them to a trustworthy neighbour or relative to avoid being locked out in the future. Smart locks and keyless entry systems are further investments that offer simple access without using traditional keys.

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