How to Understand Michelin Wiper Blades Size Chart?

Having the correct wiper blades for your car is essential to maintaining clean and unobstructed vision when driving in bad weather. Michelin, a known brand in the automobile industry, provides a selection of wiper blades engineered to give exceptional performance and durability. Knowing the Michelin wiper blade size chart is crucial for buying the right blade for your car.

An Overview of Michelin Windscreen Wiper Blades

Michelin is a famous name in the automobile industry, and for good reason: their products are consistently reliable and durable. Like the rest of their products, their wiper blades are high-quality and dependable. Michelin wiper blades are excellent, but you need to get the appropriate size for your car to get the most out of them.

Why Getting the Proper Wiper Blade Size Is Crucial


There are a number of reasons why it’s important to choose the right wiper blade size. First, in bad weather, having a windscreen wiper blade that doesn’t fit properly might reduce visibility and make driving risky. Second, the windscreen or wiper mechanism might be harmed by a wiper blade that is the wrong size. To ensure the safety of your windscreen and yourself, it is crucial to choose the appropriate size.

The Michelin Wiper Blade Size Chart, Decoded

Michelin offers a sizing chart for their wiper blades so that clients can quickly choose the right size for their car. The wiper blade dimensions for several car types are included in this table. The process of choosing is streamlined, and you can be certain that you’ll acquire the right part for your vehicle, truck, or SUV.

Windscreen Wiper Blade Measurements

Wiper blade sizes are published on the Michelin website, however, you may always measure your windscreen just to be sure.

Here are the easy actions to take:

  1. Determine the total length of the wiper arm on the driver’s side.
  2. Take the same measurements for the driver’s side wiper blade.
  3. Measure the rear wiper if you have one.

The correct size of wiper blades may be determined by comparing the sizes provided.

Does Size Really Matter?

As long as you’re no more than an inch taller or shorter than your existing wiper blade size, you should be OK. Too-large wiper blades may cause damage by overlapping or coming into contact with one another.


If there isn’t enough of a demand for a certain size of wiper blade, some manufacturers may choose not to make it.

It’s perfectly OK to get a 16″ or 18″ wiper blade instead of a 17″ one if you’re replacing a Bosch wiper. With about half an inch on each side, the size difference will have little to no practical effect.

How to Choose the Best Blades for Your Car

When your wipers are old, brittle, and in need of changing – attempting to locate the perfect replacement may often be a difficult endeavor. Maybe it’s been a year or two and you have no idea what brand, size, or fit you need.

We offer one of the best UK wiper bulb finders, and it just takes a few seconds to use it to locate the correct wiper blades for your car.

How to Determine Your Car’s Proper Size

Once you have the dimensions, you may use Michelin’s sizing table to choose the wiper blades that will work best with your car. Choose Michelin wiper blades that will work on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides of the car. Keep in mind that the rear wiper may be a different size in various vehicles.

Sizes of Typically Used Wiper Blades

There are a few standard sizes for wiper blades that are used on a wide variety of vehicles. The most often available sizes are 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches. Check your vehicle’s specifications to be sure, but these sizes should work for most regular passenger automobiles.


How to Change Wiper Blades in Extensive Detail

Wiper blade replacement is a simple job that may be done by anybody. If you want to upgrade to Michelin wiper blades, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: To begin, detach the wiper arm from the glass by raising it.

Step 2: Look for the tab on the wiper blade that releases it.

Step 3: To remove the old blade, press the tab and pull it out.

Step 4: Insert the brand-new Michelin wiper blade.

Step 5: Lock the release tab to prevent accidental release.

Step 6: slowly return the wiper arm to the glass.

To get the most out of your new Michelin wiper blades, make sure you install them properly.

The Advantages and Features of Michelin Wiper Blades

The revolutionary features and advantages of Michelin wiper blades include:

Superior wiping efficiency thanks to cutting-edge rubber technology.

  • Robust build quality ensures a long service life.
  • The SWIFT® proprietary technology makes set up a breeze.
  • Capability to function in any climate, even withstanding very high or low temperatures.

Streamlined aerodynamics that cut down on wind resistance and noise.

Keep Your Michelin Wiper Blades in Top Condition


If you want your Michelin wiper blades to last and work as well as possible, you need to take good care of them. Keep the blades clean by wiping them down with a soft cloth dampened with windscreen washer fluid regularly. Also, look for damage or wear, such as rips or cracks, and replace if required.

How to Extend the Life of Your Wiper Blades

If the windscreen is not wet, you should not use the wipers.

Keep your windscreen clean to avoid any obstructions from dirt and bugs.

Remove grime from the rubber blades by wiping them with a moist cloth.

Wiper blades should be replaced annually or whenever they begin to show indications of wear.


Maintaining vision and driving safely in inclement weather requires using windscreen wipers of the appropriate size for your car. With its premium materials and cutting-edge design, Michelin wiper blades are a tried-and-true option. You can get the right size of Michelin wiper blades for your car by using the size table on their website or by just measuring your windscreen. If you want to be safe while driving, you should keep them in good working order and replace them as necessary.


1. If I buy a set of Michelin wiper blades, can I use them on any car?

Michelin makes wiper blades in various sizes, so they should be able to suit everything from a little car to an SUV.

2. How frequently should I get new windscreen wipers?

If your wiper blades are streaking or skipping more often than once a year, it’s time to get a new set.

3. Is it true that Michelin wiper blades don’t function in severe weather?

Yes, Michelin wiper blades are engineered to work effectively in many weather situations, including severe cold and heat.

4. Can I change my own Michelin windscreen wipers?

You can install your own Michelin wiper blades thanks to the clear instructions included with your purchase.

5. Is there a guarantee on Michelin wiper blades?

You can rest easy knowing that a limited guarantee protects your purchase of Michelin wiper blades.

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