How to View Sentry Mode Events | A Detailed Guide

In today’s ever-evolving world, car security is a top concern for vehicle owners. Sentry Mode, a Tesla feature, is a strong tool that improves the security of your vehicle. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to view Sentry Mode events, ensuring that you can effectively monitor your vehicle’s surroundings.


As technology advances, Tesla owners have access to features that not only improve the driving experience but also enhance safety. Sentry mode is one such feature that uses the vehicle’s cameras and sensors to monitor its surroundings while it’s parked.

What is Sentry Mode?

Sentry Mode is a security feature designed to provide 360-degree surveillance around your Tesla vehicle. It serves as a deterrent to potential vandals and thieves by recording events that occur in close proximity to your car. However, how can you access and view these recorded events? Let’s delve into the details.

Enabling Sentry Mode

Before you can view Sentry Mode events, you must ensure that the feature is enabled on your Tesla. To enable Sentry Mode:

  1. Access the ‘Controls’ menu on your Tesla’s touchscreen.
  2. Navigate to ‘Safety & Security.’
  3. Locate ‘Sentry Mode’ and toggle it on.

Now that Sentry Mode is active, your Tesla will record events whenever it detects any activity around the vehicle.


Understanding Sentry Mode Events

Types of Events

Sentry Mode is capable of capturing various types of events, including:

  • Sentry Events: These events are triggered when someone approaches your vehicle or attempts to tamper with it.
  • Camper Mode: Ideal for camping or long trips, Camper Mode records events around your car when it’s parked and stationary.
  • Accidents: Sentry Mode can also record accidents or collisions that happen in the vicinity of your vehicle.

Recording Details

Each Sentry Mode occurrence comes with the following:

  • The exact time and date of the incident
  • A video of the event.
  • The location of the event is represented on a map.


Accessing Sentry Mode Events

Now, let’s explore how you can access and view these recorded events.

Using the Tesla App

The Tesla mobile app offers a convenient method for remotely accessing Sentry Mode events:

  1. Launch the Tesla app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap ‘Controls.’
  3. Select ‘Sentry Mode.’
  4. You can now browse and view the recorded events effortlessly.

Using a USB Drive

If you prefer a more straightforward manner, you can retrieve Sentry Mode events by inserting a USB drive into your Tesla:

  1. Insert a suitable USB drive into one of your Tesla’s USB ports.
  2. On your touchscreen, navigate to the ‘Sentry Mode’ option.
  3. Select ‘Save Clips to USB.’
  4. The recorded events will be saved to your USB drive, where they can be viewed on a computer.

Reviewing and Managing Events

Sorting and Filtering

To make the most of Sentry Mode events, you can sort and filter them based on criteria such as date, type, or location. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of locating specific events promptly.

Downloading Events

Should you need to save or share an event, downloading it from the Tesla app or USB drive is a straightforward process. This feature can be particularly beneficial when dealing with insurance claims or incidents involving law enforcement.

Troubleshooting Typical Problems

Sentry Mode is an important security feature; however, it is not without difficulties. Here are a few instances of typical issues and their solutions:

Problems with Event Playback

Check that your Tesla software is up-to-date if you’re experiencing problems replaying Sentry Mode events. In addition, look for defects or corruption on the USB disc.

Storage Issues

Sentry Mode events can quickly deplete storage space. To free up space, consider using a large-capacity USB drive and routinely reviewing and deleting older events.



Can I access Sentry Mode events on a computer?

Yes, you can view Sentry Mode events on a computer by using a USB drive.

How long are Sentry Mode events stored?

Typically, Sentry Mode events are stored for approximately ten days, unless you manually delete them.

Does Sentry Mode drain the car’s battery?

Sentry Mode is designed to minimize battery drain while providing enhanced security.

Can I view events on a specific date?

Yes, you can sort and filter events by date using the Tesla app.

Is Sentry Mode available on all Tesla models?

Sentry Mode is available on most Tesla vehicles equipped with the necessary hardware.

Can I access Sentry Mode events when my car is not connected to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can access events via the Tesla app using mobile data or Wi-Fi, depending on your smartphone’s connectivity.

What happens if my USB drive gets full?

When your USB drive reaches its storage limit, Sentry Mode will overwrite the oldest events with new ones to ensure continuous recording.

Are Sentry Mode events admissible as evidence in legal cases?

Sentry Mode events can serve as valuable evidence in legal cases, such as accidents or vandalism, when properly retrieved and presented.


Sentry Mode is a fantastic way to improve the security of your Tesla vehicle. By following the procedures in this article, you may simply examine and handle Sentry Mode events. Maintain your focus and defend your vehicle.

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