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18-wheeler accidents are particularly harrowing because of the potential for bodily and psychological harm. If you or a loved one are ever involved in a significant truck accident, you should choose a lawyer who focuses their practice on such cases. What to look for in a lawyer, steps to take following an accident, and why you need a lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases are all covered in this article. The risks associated with operating a colossal vehicle cannot be completely mitigated. These vehicles are dangerous to the roadways because of their size and speed. 

The Unpredictable Nature of 18-wheeler Accidents
The Unpredictable Nature of 18-wheeler AccidentsThe Unpredictable Nature of 18-wheeler Accidents

Big rigs, semi-trucks, or 18-wheelers are the road monsters. When wholly loaded, these enormous trucks may weigh up to 80,000 pounds, making them extremely hazardous. Serious injuries, considerable property damage, and mental anguish can all result from a collision involving an 18-wheeler. Commercial vehicles like semis, tractor-trailers, and other trucks may be hazardous because of their size, weight, and susceptibility to rollover. For a no-cost consultation with experienced lawyers, call Burnes Libman if you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident. Several people, including the truck driver, the trucking business, and other possible defendants, are often involved when significant truck incidents occur.

Why Specialized Legal Help is Crucial

Hiring an attorney who specializes in 18-wheeler accident cases is paramount for several reasons:

Navigating Federal Regulations:

Federal laws for the trucking business are distinct from those governing regular car crashes.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 2018, 4,862 people were killed in heavy truck accidents. Most (55%) of these severe fatal truck accidents were single vehicles. Many issues might develop after a major collision involving a vehicle. That’s why it’s essential to talk to a lawyer about accidents involving 18-wheelers very far away. An 18-wheeler accident attorney can help you with all aspects of the legal procedure following an accident, including injuries, liability, and insurance claims. A trained attorney will be familiar with these rules and use that knowledge to ensure the case is constructed under all applicable legislation.

Resource Accessibility:

Expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, and detectives are just some of the resources these attorneys may tap into to help them win cases. Find a lawyer that specializes in representing victims of vehicle accidents. The injuries and property damage sustained in shipping accidents are far worse than those suffered in most car accidents. Therefore, this is more than one would expect from someone with experience with vehicle accidents. Regulations for trucks are different from those for automobiles. Some potential actors in truck accidents include truck drivers, transportation firms, maintenance facilities, and owners. Make sure to inquire about the attorney’s experience with trucking accidents.

Determining Liability:

Try to get a lawyer who has expertise in court. Quick coverage settlements are a speciality of certain lawyers. For them, this is the simplest option. If required, you will need someone prepared to go to court to defend your rights and obtain the compensation you are due. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell who’s at fault in incidents involving 18-wheelers. Liability may lie with the truck driver, the trucking business, or the equipment manufacturer, all of whom can be identified by an experienced attorney conducting a comprehensive investigation of the event.

Maximizing Compensation:

Expert attorneys can effectively pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. There will be compensation for medical expenses, property damage, missed earnings, and emotional distress. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable communicating with the lawyer. As a member of an advocacy group, your lawyer will have access to sensitive information as you work to get your life back on track. You need someone you can confide in and know will have your back no matter what you tell them. If you feel patronized throughout the meeting, it could be a better sign that the lawyer is right for you.


The Process of Seeking Legal Help

When you or a loved one has been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, it’s crucial to take specific steps:

Medical Attention:

Your health should always come first. Even if your wounds are minor, go to the doctor immediately because none are apparent.

Accident Report:

Ensure an accident report is filed and alert the police. A key piece of evidence in your case will be this official record. Trade information with the truck driver, such as names, numbers, and facts about their registration, insurance, and license. Get the name of the trucking firm they work for and any pertinent contact information.

Collecting Evidence:

Includes taking pictures of the accident scene, noting any witnesses, and recording the facts. Your argument gets stronger the more supporting evidence you have.

Speak with a lawyer:

Quickly contact a qualified 18-wheeler accident attorney. In addition to defending your rights and starting the legal procedure, they can advise insurance adjusters on what to say.

Real-Life Success Stories

The triumphs of former clients serve as a potent testament to the importance of professional 18-wheeler accident attorneys. These case studies demonstrate the impact knowledgeable legal counsel can have in obtaining successful results.



It’s not always easy to pinpoint what caused an 18-wheeler crash. Other factors, besides the truck driver, contributed to the collision. Several circumstances frequently complicate an accident’s cause. The most frequent reasons for 18-wheeler accidents are shown below.

Experience with driving

Before earning their Commercial Drivers License (CDL),drivers must complete comprehensive training. Drivers must pass a written test, obtain a learning permit, and pass a driving test. State-specific rules differ, but in general, these steps are necessary.

Companies may consciously or inadvertently hire underqualified drivers due to the growing demand for truck drivers. In addition, incidents of trucking license fraud, in which trucking schools issue false licenses, might increase the number of inexperienced drivers on the road.

Distracted Driving

A central contributing element in truck collisions and near-collisions is distracted driving. Truck drivers are distracted in some way in about 80% of collisions. Numerous behaviours can result in distracted driving.

It could be either inside or outside the cab and could include things like:

  • Texting
  • Using dispatch devices
  • Food and drinks
  • Smoking
  • Glancing at billboard
  • Adjusting the GPS


Move to Safety

Move your car to prevent a subsequent collision if the accident is minor and safe to drive. Keep sitting until assistance arrives if it is safer for you to do so or if you have received severe injuries. To let the authorities know about the accident, dial 911.

Seek Medical Attention

A serious accident involving an 18-wheeler is possible. Go to the hospital right away to get help. Even if you are symptom-free, seeing a doctor is a good idea. It’s crucial to see a doctor quickly afterwards because symptoms like whiplash can appear a few days after the incident.


How much does retaining an attorney for an 18-wheeler accident typically cost?

Costs can differ, but many attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if you win the case.

In how much time does a case get resolved?

Complex scenarios could require more time, albeit the timeframe varies. Your attorney will offer a cost estimate.

Can I take care of this situation on my own?

Although it is conceivable, having a skilled attorney dramatically increases your chances of a favourable result.

What ought I should bring to the first meeting?

Bring all necessary paperwork, such as the police report from the collision, your medical records, and insurance information.

What if I’m unable to pay for legal counsel?

Many attorneys provide free initial consultations to ensure you have access to legal counsel, while others work on a contingency fee basis.


Discovering the appropriate legal counsel is your lifeline following an 18-wheeler collision. A professional 18-wheeler accident attorney has the skills, knowledge, and resources required to negotiate the tricky legal landscape and guarantee you get the fairest compensation possible. If you ever need advice, don’t be reluctant to ask them. These experts’ knowledge, resources, and tenacity allow them to traverse transportation accidents’ complexities successfully. As your defenders, they strive to ensure you get the money you are due.

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