NBA Free Agency 2024: Early Winners and Losers

NBA Free Agency 2024: Early Winners and Losers

The NBA free agency period is always a time of significant change and excitement. In 2024, this period has proven to be especially transformative for several teams, shaping their prospects for the upcoming season. Below, we delve into the early winners and losers of the 2024 NBA free agency, providing an in-depth analysis of their moves and what it means for their future.

Dive into the impact of NBA free agency 2024 with insights on teams’ successes and challenges. From key player signings to missed opportunities, learn which teams are poised for success and which face uncertainty.

Winners of NBA Free Agency 2024

Oklahoma City Thunder

What they’ve done: Upgraded their perimeter defence; signed a coveted big man.

Oklahoma City Thunder has emerged as one of the biggest winners of the free agency period. The Thunder significantly bolstered their defense by acquiring Alex Caruso from the Chicago Bulls and signing center Isaiah Hartenstein. Caruso, a two-time All-Defensive Team member, enhances their perimeter defence, while Hartenstein, a standout rim protector, addresses their rebounding woes. With these additions, the Thunder, already a top-four defensive team, have positioned themselves as strong contenders in the West.

Philadelphia 76ers

What they’ve done: Used cap space to form a new big three; added depth.

The Philadelphia 76ers made a splash by signing Paul George, forming a formidable trio with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. George, an upgrade over Tobias Harris, brings veteran leadership and scoring prowess. The Sixers also re-signed Kelly Oubre Jr. and added depth with Eric Gordon and Andre Drummond, making them one of the deepest teams in the league.

Orlando Magic

What they’ve done: Added a 3-and-D threat with KCP; kept key reserves.

The Orlando Magic made a savvy move by signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a two-time NBA champion known for his defence and three-point shooting. This acquisition addresses their need for perimeter shooting and defensive toughness. Additionally, the Magic retained key players like Gary Harris, Goga Bitadze, and Moritz Wagner, ensuring continuity and stability for the upcoming season.

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Losers of NBA Free Agency 2024

NBA Free Agency 2024: Early Winners and Losers

Golden State Warriors

What they’ve done: Let Klay Thompson and CP3 leave; missed out on Paul George.

The Golden State Warriors have had a disappointing free agency. They lost franchise cornerstone Klay Thompson to the Dallas Mavericks and failed to acquire Paul George. The team’s plans to build around Stephen Curry seem uncertain, and the acquisitions of De’Anthony Melton and Kyle Anderson may not be enough to keep them competitive.

Los Angeles Lakers

What they’ve done: Struck out on getting LeBron and Davis more help.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ free agency efforts have been underwhelming. Despite LeBron James’ call for reinforcements, the Lakers missed out on several key targets, including Klay Thompson and Dejounte Murray. With James and Anthony Davis aging, the Lakers’ inability to secure significant upgrades leaves their championship aspirations in doubt.

Denver Nuggets

What they’ve done: Let a key player of their NBA title run leave.

The Denver Nuggets’ decision to let Kentavious Caldwell-Pope leave for the Orlando Magic could prove costly. Caldwell-Pope was a crucial part of their title run, and his departure puts more pressure on Christian Braun to fill the void. The Nuggets’ gamble on not paying Caldwell-Pope may hinder their chances of repeating as champions.

Teams with Unclear Direction

LA Clippers

What they’ve done: Allowed Paul George to walk with nothing in return.

The LA Clippers’ free agency moves raise questions about their direction. By allowing Paul George to leave without getting anything in return, the Clippers seem to lack a clear strategy for building around Kawhi Leonard and James Harden. While they made some decent signings, the overall direction of the team remains uncertain as they prepare to move into the new Intuit Arena.


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